How tech can help improve office safety

With many people returning to the office, it's vital that employers improve workplace safety. Here's how they're doing that by using technology and innovation.

Millions of people are heading back to their place of work as lockdown restrictions ease. But while businesses are returning to some degree of normality, that doesn't mean coronavirus has disappeared and they no longer need to take steps to protect their employees.

From imposing social distancing rules to setting up track-and-trace systems, there are a number of things businesses must do to ensure the workplace is safe for returning employees. Although that won't be an easy task, lots of employers are turning to technology and innovation to protect their staff amid the global pandemic.


New innovations

In these challenging times, many technology companies have developed new devices to protect employees in the workplace. For example, IoT firm Pathfindr offers a wearable that enables businesses to enforce social distancing rules more easily.

The small device, which is worn around the neck or clipped onto an item of clothing, warns users when they are too close to another person in their workplace. It alerts them via a beeping sound and enables users to change the precise distance.

Ben Sturgess, co-founder and chief technology officer of Pathfindr, says: "Not only are the devices able to reduce risk of human error over social distancing, they also take the pressure off when it comes to confronting people about getting too close - users simply move away when they hear a beep."

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