Secret CSO: Jason Hicks, Kudelski Security

Cybersecurity is constantly changing - how do you keep learning? "? I do a significant amount of reading every day... It's also important to build a network of other CISOs you can share information with."

Name: Jason Hicks

Organisation: Kudelski Security

Job title: CISO

Date started current role: April 2020

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Jason Hicks is Global CISO at Kudelski Security. Hicks is a veteran information security and risk management executive with CISO experience in the finance, retail and logistics industries. He leads Kudelski Security's Advisory Services strategic and business development practices where he advises clients on risk management strategies and expands the firm's engagement with top security executives across the world. Prior to his current role, Hicks served as the global CISO for Ares Management LLP, a multi-national alternative asset manager, with more than $140 billion in assets under management.

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