CTO Sessions: Alastair Hill, Dotmatics

What makes an effective tech strategy? "In my view, the most successful technology strategy is one that is generally conservative, avoiding jumping on technical bandwagons until they are proven."

Name: Alastair Hill

Company: Dotmatics

Job title: Director &CTO

Date started current role: November 2005

Location: Bishop's Stortford, United Kingdom

Alastair Hill is Director and CTO of Dotmatics, a global scientific informatics solutions and service provider. Prior to co-founding Dotmatics, Hill worked at Merck Sharp &Dohme as a Medicinal Chemist, and in 2002 decided on a return to higher education, undertaking a Masters in cheminformatics. After graduating, he returned to Merck where he was responsible for developing chemical software applications, managing chemical databases, and performing small-molecule modelling studies.

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