VR in the enterprise

Predictions suggest 80% of businesses will invest in VR or AR in the next year, but what are the enterprise use cases? And how do you embark on an enterprise VR project?


Enterprise virtual reality (VR) is no longer a tool of the future, but a product of the present. We’re now seeing a growing number of businesses deploy VR solutions as awareness has grown and demand for such tools has increased.

Research by CCS Insight indicates that almost 80% of businesses are considering an investment in VR or AR (augmented reality) over the next 12 months. Plus, the analyst firm forecasts strong adoption of extended reality (XR) solutions in enterprise over the coming years.

“We predict that over half of medium businesses in advanced economies adopt this technology by 2025,” says Leo Gebbie, CCS Insight senior analyst, wearables and XR.

VR for enterprise training

One of the biggest use cases for VR in the enterprise has been training; starting with health and safety. 

“There can be high costs in failing or creating dangerous scenarios for training, for example around fire. VR allows businesses to replicate dangerous scenarios in a safe environment in order to give staff a realistic, first-hand experience of the challenges they can expect to face in the workplace,” says Tom Symonds, CEO of VR solutions provider Immerse.

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