Chenosis: New Pan African API marketplace for developers

How MTN is providing a new Pan-African API aggregator marketplace for Developers to offer and consume API products from a single platform


We are living in a time where almost everything we do is dictated by digital technology in one way or another. How we communicate, learn, earn, play or work is well informed by the digital ecosystem. As the African continent continues to embrace technological disruption underpinned by a rising wave of modernism and innovation, the rise of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) on the continent are opening new revenue flows for developers and businesses to maximise customer value by offering first-class, differentiated, money-spinning features and services in a faster and cost-effective manner. For this reason, the continent is gradually moving from abject poverty and widespread inequalities to speedy creation and delivery of products and services. 

Developers, business and individuals interested in using APIs to develop their cause have had to make do with multiple sources for different APIs. This is now a thing of the past. This is because MTN is unlocking new economic and business growth opportunities through innovation, by creating the first and the only Pan-African API aggregator marketplace. Chenosis is Africa's first cross-industry API ecosystem where developers can publish and monetise their various APIs on a single platform.

Chenosis official launch in August 2020

MTN extended its digital strategy with the launch of this new African API aggregator. It is a separate brand and entity and has an arms-length relationship with MTN so that it remains open to all mobile network operators, fintech startups, payment service providers, mobile wallet operators, financial service providers, and others. Chenosis enables developers and businesses to discover, consume and subscribe to a growing library of open APIs published by local and international startups and businesses. The platform was officially launched in August 2020 and is based in South Africa.

Charles Molapisi, MTN Group Chief Technology and Information Officer tells IDG Connect: "Chenosis provides an open marketplace where developers, startups, and established businesses can monetize and extend the reach of their digital products and services to new markets as APIs on the platform. In turn, developers are able to tap into one of the fastest growing library of open API products and services from across the continent, ranging from telecommunications, e-health, e-government, internet of things [IoT], fintech, e-commerce, identity and authentication, payments and collections, location and more, from a single marketplace."

In order to extend its offering, "Chenosis works with developers, startups and businesses that have unique API assets or commercial relationships to create API mashups and aggregations that are easier to monetize, consume or provide higher value solutions to problems that businesses are trying to solve. Although most developers market their APIs on Chenosis under their own brand, cross industry or geography API mashups are usually listed as Chenosis APIs so as not to create confusion by listing the multiple partner APIs orchestrated to create the mashup," Molapisi explains.

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