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Africa 2021: Improved infrastructure needed for post-pandemic recovery

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed a lot in the world. The forecast of the future cannot be left untainted by it.

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The year 2020 can be underlined as the year of the pandemic. An interruption of the usual way of life caused by the serious effects of lockdowns and cessation of movement bore a new speed in technology adoption. Africa was not left behind. The increase in use of technology has not only affected the private sector but also the public sector.

If anything, the pandemic has given various technology solutions the prime time they needed to grow even further. From e-learning, e-business and to e-payments, no very facet of the economy has been left untouched.

It is then fair to say that the pandemic has reshaped how people will interact with technology. Here are some of African technology predictions for the next year.

Acceleration of formal eLearning platforms

The closure of schools during the pandemic affected learners in Africa as anywhere else in the world. Developed economies that had put in place digital learning tools had an easier time switching from in-person learning to virtual classrooms. African learners in rural areas and underprivileged backgrounds suffered the most.

This disparity has reignited the discussion on how digital tools can improve education in Africa and extend it universally. A survey led by eLearning Africa and EdTech Hub found out that educators across Africa are optimistic that digital education through e-learning platforms, fuelled by the COVID-19 pandemic, is the future for Africa. However, inequalities need to be addressed.

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