From Latin America’s investment success to Europe’s AI advances: A look at our 2020 regional highlights

A look at our best regional stories from 2020.

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During the past year, COVID-19 has caused unparalleled disruption, forcing travel restrictions, mass lockdowns and economic uncertainty. But it hasn’t hindered tech innovation because that is a global effort. IDG Connect has covered some of the most important tech developments during through last year.

We have watched an escalating trade war emerge between the US and China, the lessons learnt by Africa’s IoT industry, and Australia’s fight against the Google and Facebook.

Below are some of our top picks for regional content from 2020:


Hedgehog, please renew my passport

Is Ireland's AI sector punching above its weight?

Wales sets its sights on becoming a global fintech centre

UK's Armed Forces must adapt to face 21st century conflict

Privacy in a pandemic: a guide to health data processing rules in Europe

Africa and the Middle East

A low-cost solution for African education

How can firms protect themselves from Iranian cyber-attacks?

Africa: A possible springboard for low orbit broadband

Lessons we can all learn from Israel's cyber commandos

Kenyan tech funding gaps: Time to wrap up the lip service


The state of data protection law in Pakistan

Asia reaches to embrace the cloud - but needs to step up the pace

Asia Pacific CIOs face digital leadership challenges

Death by a Thousand Talents: How China's brain gain is harming western firms

Could Hong Kong's security law accelerate the global splinternet?

Latin America

Starting up in Bogota, Colombia: A guide for foreign entrepreneurs

Retreat from LatAm: Euro telco giants head homeward to think again

Inspired by GDPR, here is how Brazil’s new data privacy law will work

Will Chinese-style 'Super Apps' conquer Latin America?

5G for LatAm: Nokia knows why, but perhaps not who