The business of data, security, and a global pandemic: Our global highlights from 2020

A run through of some of our best stories from 2020.

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It’s been a year since we shared our 2019 highlights, and what an eventful year it’s been.

A global pandemic has disrupted countries, governments, and enterprises alike, forcing a major transition in the way people and businesses interact. Despite the challenges, the technology industry has shown resilience by adapting and responding to a volatile environment.    

Artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies have continued their innovation, businesses have made the transition to a remote workforce, and tech giants face a whole new level of scrutiny.

Here are some of our highlights from 2020:

Understanding COVID-19 and its impact

New research: Global IT feels the strain of lockdown

AI, cloud, 5G and the future of work? Top tips for post-pandemic business recovery

Post-COVID CIOs are well placed for business change

COVID makes a compelling case for blockchain

I'm not a robot: How Covid-19 is accelerating the skills gap

Coronavirus Covid-19 sweeps in to upend global IT supply chains

Coronavirus exposes the need for new infrastructure thinking

The future is in the hands of AI

4 Enterprise IT goals & their AI solutions

We need to talk about ethics: AI data and the challenge of frameworks

What is formative AI and why should you care?

Don't fly-by-wire with AI until you know the controls

What did we learn about data privacy and cybersecurity?

Privacy in a pandemic: a guide to health data processing rules in Europe

CISOs stressed by growing security task list, research says

Lessons we can all learn from Israel's cyber commandos

Why privacy investments are now seeing some impressive returns?

Deepfakes and deep fraud: The new security challenge of misinformation and impersonation

Some interesting conversations within the tech sphere

Friend or Foe - What role does technology play in the spread of fake news?

Are happy developers more security conscious?

What would it take for a tech vendor to walk away from a customer?

How do big tech's carbon neutral plans stack up?

Who wants to play by the rules? Why self-regulation and government intervention are at a crossroads

2020 begins a new decade of CIO navigation

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