Annual poll: single biggest security threat of the year

What will be the single biggest security threat of 2021?

We collate the views of 169 security professionals to find out what the single biggest security threat of the year will be.

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2020 was an unprecedented year. Not surprisingly, not one of the security professionals that we asked for last year's survey predicted that a global pandemic would be one of the year's major security threats. Many of our respondents this year though expect the far-reaching effects of the coronavirus to continue.

As in previous years, we asked security professionals a simple question: what will be the single biggest security threat of 2021? Responses varied from a single sentence to multiple paragraphs, and naturally, many individuals highlighted problems that related to their own industry or solution. Some respondents offered more than one response, where possible these have been split by theme.

Remote working tops security fears

Out of 169 usable responses, security issues related to the pandemic—predominantly remote working policies—are cited as the primary cause for concern in the coming year. All comments that specifically referenced new remote working policies or the pandemic have been grouped together and accounted for around a third of the total comments received.

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