The age of IT observability becomes clearer

Observability is a measure of the internal health of any computer system in terms of its ability to perform the operations that it was engineered for. Often measured via a Key Performance Indicator (KPI), observability has now focused on much more centrally on internal aspects of any given chunk of application code.


Microsoft has often been good for a branding slogan over the years. We've been given 'Be what's next', we have had 'Your potential, our passion' and we've had the informally coined twist from CEO Satya Nadella 'Microsoft loves Linux', which wasn't an official company tagline, but stuck with a lot of people as it represented such a new era and change of heart.

Famously, we also obviously had: 'Where do you want to go today?"

If Microsoft had to reinvent that slogan for the current decade, it might very well change it to: 'Where do you want to see today?' due to the IT industry's huge weight of interest in observability.

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