New leaders emerge as AI comes of age

Research from ESI ThoughtLab highlights the growing maturity of AI technologies in enterprise.


Despite the disruption caused by Covid-19, 2020 was a stellar year for the ever-burgeoning artificial intelligence (AI) industry. With more people than ever embracing digital ways of living and working, AI entered the spotlight and allowed companies to deliver exceptional digital experiences to their customers. It also assisted companies as they transitioned to remote work and even came to the aid of essential workers who had to remain on-premises, helping to keep them both safe and productive. With the successes of last year firmly entrenched in the minds of business leaders, today is as exciting a time as any for the AI market, and it shows.

Over the next three years, 63% of businesses are aiming to become more advanced with AI technologies. Research from ESI ThoughtLab suggests that the percentage of proficient RPA users is set to jump from 29% today to 68% by 2023, whilst skilful machine learning and chatbot operators will increase to 45% and 59% respectively from 19% and 25% in 2020. With companies around the globe now taking serious steps to improve their understanding and use of AI technologies, it has become apparent that some countries and industries find themselves further ahead of their rivals and closer to attaining the benefits that AI has to offer.

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