Popcorn not included: Dynatrace ‘movies’ show user app experiences

Within appropriately managed data privacy guidelines and regulations, providing central IT command with a ‘movie-like’ view of native mobile enterprise application user experiences can allow apps to be tuned, tested, tightened and toughened.


Remote access for IT support is nothing new. Organisations have been able to allow the IT department to access users’ machines remotely with some dexterity since the dot com boom of the 1990s - and with perhaps slightly less agility even in the decade beforehand - so the ability to view an application from an external source is not new per se.

But now that we have cloud-native mobile-first applications, the ‘hang on while I control your screen’ remote access directive needs to evolve to be more powerful, more pervading and more penetrative in terms of system and device intelligence.

Given the abstracted nature of cloud computing and all its virtualised layers of ephemeral yet elastic & extensible elegance, a new approach to application insight and observability is needed.

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