From "The Brick" to IoT: The history of 5G

A look back at the journey to 5G, from the launch of the first generation of mobile networks in 1979 through to the current 5G rollout and anticipated enterprise applications.


We are standing on the cusp of a technology revolution that could be ranked alongside the internet and the steam engine. As the dawn of the fifth generation of mobile networks climbs above the horizon, many are still unaware of the transformational impact the technology is set to have on the world. For enterprise organisations, 5G will allow them to leverage the massive data sets they plan to generate through IoT, enabling businesses to transform their operations and the services they deliver.

Offering speeds faster than 4G by up to a hundred times, with greater coverage and reliability to boot, the arrival of 5G is going to be an unprecedented leap into the future. As we prepare to live through a pivotal moment in the history of technology, now is the time to gain a better understanding of the history of mobile networks so far, and why the next iteration is so important.

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