UK software giant Advanced makes quiet progress

Gordon Wilson runs a UK software house that’s critical to national infrastructure… even if you’ve never heard of it


Here’s another contender for that hotly-contested title of ‘biggest company you’ve never heard of’: Advanced. This provider of business management wares calls itself, probably justifiably, the third-largest UK-headquartered software business. Behind the scenes, Advanced has also played a big part in the country’s handling of the Covid crisis yet its finance, ERP, HR, payroll, time & attendance, spend management and other operations IT tools are hardly known to the man or woman on the street.

“When I got there, it was the largest least known software business in the UK,” smiles CEO Gordon Wilson, who arrived in 2015 from a career leading similarly under-the-hood, powerful companies.

“All our solutions help us serve people in the UK,” he says. “We have the software that runs and controls the NHS 111 [emergency call line] and we’ve been pivotal in coordinating the response to the pandemic in the UK.”

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