Tech's gender imbalance: Is progress being made?

Despite decades of progress towards workplace equality, women remain hugely underrepresented in the UK's technology workforce. The technology sector should do more to support women, and arguably, is best placed to do so. So what needs to be done?


Women continue to be woefully underrepresented in the UK's technology workforce ­– figures from WISE, the campaign for greater diversity in STEM, show that women account for just 17% of IT professionals. To better understand the current landscape, including what qualifications tech employees hold as well as employers training requirements and best practices, the organisation is inviting people working at all levels of the technology sector to tell them about their experiences in a new survey.  

According to its Communications Director Ruth Blanco, the proportion of tech roles filled by women has flatlined in the last ten years, and given how fast technology is moving, and that technology roles currently account for over a quarter of core science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) roles, we cannot afford another lost decade. 

Joanna Burkey, CISO of HP, believes that cybersecurity has one of the worst gender imbalances within the overall tech sector, which she puts down to a perception that the sector is more highly-technical and masculine.

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