The digital challenge for Procurement - is almost identical to that faced by CIOs

Technology and procurement teams must become close partners in order to succeed in delivering digital transformation


Procurement departments are being challenged, but as with technology teams, all too often, this vital arm of the business is misunderstood, lacks the right level of skills and sponsorship, and is therefore unable to fully deliver on its remit. In the recent past there has been friction between technology and procurement teams, but if organisations are to truly transform, then is a new partnership about to arise? 

In a whitepaper written by Kristin Ruehle, MD for Operations, Procurement Business Process Services at Accenture, she reveals: “stakeholders find the procurement process too cumbersome, slow, and rigid. In their minds, Procurement is an obstacle to be avoided rather than a useful tool.” CIOs and CTOs in some sectors agree with Ruehle’s findings, but others, and modern procurement leaders indicate the landscape is changing. 

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