Smashing departmental silos

Siloed working, where departments aren't joined up in their approach, remains an issue in many organisations. What needs to be done to bring these barriers down?


Departmental siloes continue to be an issue for many companies, even though it's well known they can lead to poor customer and business outcomes. A recent Dynatrace survey found that 93% of CIOs questioned say their IT department's ability to maximise value for the business is hindered by challenges like IT and business teams working in silos. Almost three quarters (74%) noted they're fed up with having to piece together data from multiple tools to assess the impact of IT investments.

Hindering the IT department

Teams often use a variety of tools and each dashboard holds important information, but because the data is siloed the work of IT departments scan be slowed down. "They're unable to see the wider context of what each data set means for the business as a whole, let alone collaborate with others to improve business outcomes," explains Abdi Essa, Regional Vice President UK and Ireland at Dynatrace.

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