Is there a mental health pandemic in IT?

Mental problems are on the rise in IT, what can businesses do about it?


“In March 2020, it wasn’t usual practice to admit on a conference call that you were having a tough mental health week,” wrote Deborah Frances-White in a recent Guardian opinion piece. “One year on, it is perfectly ordinary to hear someone saying they are struggling with lockdown or feeling at the end of their home-schooling tether.”

Mental health is suddenly on everyone’s radar. And now as stress, overwork and economic uncertainty become so commonplace, it has even become a big concern or businesses.

In healthcare, nearly half of certain clinical staff have reported symptoms consistent with PTSD said a study in The British Medical Journal. In transport, London bus drivers who have worked risking their lives through the crisis cited mental health –  as well as physical health – as a reason for recent strike action. While in food retail, the problem of burnout has reached a whole new level.

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