iProov CEO seeks to rebuild online trust in ID

Andrew Bud of secure biometrics firm iProov wants to show that people are who they say they are.


The notion of trust online is one that affects most of us. How, in a world of deep fakes, spoofing and phishing, do we convince digital systems that we are who we say we are and block attempts to snatch our credentials and assets?

Andrew Bud, CEO of London-founded firm iProov, should know more than most about this. His company, he says, is dedicated to making online engagement safe and "solving the biggest problems in establishing trust: assuring the genuine presence of a remote user".

It's a business where there is constant tension between good and bad actors and iProov's weapons are what the company calls "Genuine Presence Assurance" and "Liveness Assurance". That effectively means I can prove via a device that I am who I say I am: I'm a real, living human being and I am authenticating my presence right now.

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