Automation integration orchestration, not location location location

The growth of cloud computing and composable containerised technology combined with mobile device ubiquity means location, location, location is no longer as important as automation, integration and orchestration.


As anyone who watches too many 'homes abroad' television shows will know, you always pay more for the beach, more for a bijou residence in the quaint old town and more for sea views from the mountains. It's a case of location, location, location - as we all know.

But equally, in technology, given the birth of cloud computing, increasingly complex and sophisticated intelligence services and mobile ubiquity, location is no longer a definitive factor in terms of where data services happen, or indeed where users who compute choose to compute.

If there is a new location, location, location in technology circles, then it must surely be automation, integration and orchestration. Enterprise-level software organisations are reflecting this trend every day in terms of the technology platforms that they are now trying to develop, deliver and drive forwards to finesse.

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