The connection between digitalisation and sustainability

Digitalisation and sustainability are two sides of the same coin and should be considered in tandem.


A growing focus on sustainability is driving forward-thinking companies to move the topic up the agenda, and IT has an important part to play in lowering an organisation's carbon footprint.

An IT department's role in improving sustainability is multifaceted, from implementing communication technology that negates the need for excessive travel and systems that can collate and analyse carbon emissions data, right through to optimising assets to reduce energy costs and embracing a circular economy to maximise asset value.

"Most organisations are at the point where they recognise the need for climate change and have set some sort of decarbonisation agenda," says Fergus Navaratnam-Blair, an Analyst at Source Global Research. "Last year we surveyed US organisations about their sustainability priorities and found that, more than any other business function, IT teams were expected to be the biggest buying centre for sustainability consulting and environmental services," he notes.

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