How Antler East Africa is building early-stage startups with expert founders

How one global early-stage VC is bringing the world's most brilliant and determined people together to create truly amazing businesses in Africa


There is a place where you meet professionals ideating, iterating and creating tech solutions based on problems observed and insights gathered during their many years of professional experience in different industries. A place where many aspiring tech innovators and founders get the help they need to build novel tech enterprises from scratch. A place reminiscent of Silicon Valley. But this is not in San Francisco, rather, this is the Silicon Savannah in Nairobi, Kenya.

The Silicon Savannah is worth more than $1 billion with more than 200 cutting-edge startups. Some of the most popular of these startups include BRCK (making internet more accessible), Cellulant (a digital payment platform), Sokowatch (provides access to essential goods and services), and Farmers Pride (leverages technology to offer a more efficient last mile marketplace platform to smallholder farmers). The hub is also a home away from home to global players such as Facebook, IBM, Microsoft and Intel. However, the Silicon Savannah has not brought about the impact, or produced the number of successful businesses, that was initially expected. Some of the main problems cited for this include insufficient investment funding to keep up with the large number of, lack of necessary skills on the side of the developers, and most importantly, the need for the development of fresh business ideas by the existing incubators and business accelerators.

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