AI is becoming a tradeable commodity

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has evolved and is now being grafted into our enterprise applications at surface level and throughout architectures and infrastructures -- how do the core mechanics of the AI marketplace work in this new world of smartness and how can we apply caveat emptor smartness of our own to ensure we bring in the right 'packaged' AI when we don't build it ourselves?


Artificial Intelligence (AI) may be on the way to becoming a commodity. If not quite the same as oil, gold, wheat, cotton and sugar, AI could still be traded and exchanged over the dedicated networks that are now being established to serve this new marketplace.

Data itself is already being exchanged. Data marketplace platform companies like France and US-based Dawex specialise is providing the arena, platform and tools for organisations to be able to use each other's anonymized datasets.

Once personally identifiable information inside datasets is appropriately masked, another business can observe data patterns and use them as reference templates to guide their own business decisions.

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