Productboard draws a blueprint for product management

Hubert Palan, CEO of Productboard, wants his firm to be the template for managing products.


Think of the Silicon Valley TV series or any other attempt at entertainment that centres on the technology industry. What happens? A group in hoodies and trainers gather in a room and fill out Sharpie-inscribed Post-It Notes to form a wall-filling grid. This is what passes for tech product development: an analogue relic in the digital world. But the scary thing is that this is a fairly realistic depiction of what often happens.

In reality, of course, there's more to it than that and there are sizeable industries in aspects of how products are created. For the software program development side, insiders will know Jira, Basecamp and similar tools that stop projects spiralling out of control. But product development in the wider sense arguably still occupies a netherworld that sits uncomfortably between the Post-It dens and the unfathomable world of global teams cutting code.

Nature abhors a vacuum and so there is Productboard, a company dedicated to product development mostly (but not exclusively) for technology companies. Its cloud service covers whatever product managers need to understand: customer requirements, addressable pain points, task prioritisation and so on, helping to corral all vested parties so they can gather around a clear plan of action.

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