Red Hat CEO: Every CIO is a cloud engineer

Red Hat CEO Paul Cormier used his keynote address at the company's annual user conference to explain his firm's focus on increasingly complex and powerful hybrid cloud stacks - the upshot of which, for the average firm in the street, is that every CIO must now think of themselves as a cloud operator and engineer.


Every company is a software company, yes, we know what that means. Every organisation from the industrial turbine specialist to the children's party entertainment business needs to run on a work process system driven by software, data and an increasing amount of smart intelligence in the form of AI.

Whether you care to reference technology investor and entrepreneur Marc Andreessen's now-famous 'software is eating the world' proclamation as the precursor to today's software ubiquity truth or not, we know that every company runs on technology... and it would be tough to find anyone who argues.

Bidding to coin his own Andreessen moment and go down in buzzphrase history is Red Hat CEO Paul Cormier, who has proclaimed that every company CIO must now think of themselves as a cloud engineer. Cormier actually used the term 'cloud operator', but the meaning is the same i.e. all C-suite tech managers must now take stock of their cloud estate and care for it like the dynamic moveable feast that it is.

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