Artificial Intelligence

From Talos to Turing: The History of AI

An exploration of the historic evolution of artificial intelligence (AI), starting with visions from antiquity, examining Turing's ground-breaking paper, right through to the Low Code/No Code platforms of tomorrow.


Artificial intelligence (AI) has been thought about by humans for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. Thinking around the subject is rooted in the fascination we have with our own species, our unique capabilities and with the nature of existence itself. Throughout the long history that has led to the AI we recognise today, storytelling, fiction and cinema have played an important role in imagining what could be achieved with AI, exploring both the good and bad outcomes.

Tangible examples of AI have emerged in both the consumer and enterprise spaces, with the latest industry use cases proving to be some of the most exciting. With 2021 promising to host a whole new raft of AI innovations, it is high time to learn more about the important milestones of the technology's past.

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