Soda pours effort into building a data observatory

Belgian company seeks to automate processes that fix data disconnects.


Anyone advocating the importance of data in the modern world is pushing at an open door: we all know that companies from Amazon to Tesla and Spotify to Deliveroo couldn’t exist in their present forms without an obsessive desire to harness data, secure it, query it and act on it. But there’s data and there’s data… and that’s why Belgium-rooted Soda is being viewed as a key player in enabling data observability and collaboration.

The three-year-old company recently pushed out Soda Cloud, an end-to-end platform based on open source tools created by the company to fix issues in data products and promote “good data” across organisations. Soda helps data teams to anticipate and fix the panoply of “silent issues” that hurt organisations every day, Maarten Masschelein, CEO & Co-Founder, Soda, tells me over a video call.

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