How digital health passes will help us get back to work

Digital health certificates, often called vaccine passports, are being heralded as the answer to improving business and consumer confidence post-pandemic. But how exactly can they help organisations get back to business?


Digital health certificates, passes and passports are gaining traction as a way to help economies reopen in a post-Covid world. Used, amongst other things, as proof of vaccination or a negative Covid-19 test, they're looked upon as a means of driving confidence – from businesses wanting to open up safely through to consumers wanting to start using services without putting their health at unnecessary risk.

Many organisations are already looking into a range of uses for these digital health passes, the most obvious being travel. However, other popular considerations include using passes as a requirement for attending events and gaining access to offices or commercial buildings.

Getting back to business

Validating health credentials could help employers with workforce planning and employee mobility, as the pandemic has dramatically accelerated the need for organisations to rethink their use of shared spaces.

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