MediaCity Mauritius: Developing the first integrated, international hub for the media and creative industries in Africa

How a media startup is opening a gateway to Africa by creating world-class infrastructure and technology for the creative industry.

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Najib Gouiaa, MediaCity Mauritius

The use of digital technologies and daily consumption of online content all over the world have surged since the onset of COVID-19 pandemic. This has created a new wave of digital revolution where people are increasingly relying on the internet in almost all spheres of life. Can Africa emerge from the pandemic as a significant player in this new revolution? Big international tech and media corporations have expressed renewed interest in the continent. Most notably, Twitter is establishing its African headquarters in Ghana, while Facebook (already in South Africa) is moving into Nigeria. These international interests in Africa have created a new excitement on the role of the continent in the global media and digital arena.

Thriving digital ecosystem

The growing digital ecosystem in Africa is important as a multiplier of the continent’s post-pandemic recovery and continued future growth. However, for Africa to benefit fully, it needs to generate its own digital content rather than relying on imports. The current figures show that 85% of news about Africa is produced outside the continent. This needs to change if Africa is going to promote its image and drive its own development agenda. And this is exactly what is happening with the recent launch of MediaCity Mauritius (MCM) project.   

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