What wildebeest can teach us about cloud migration

Deaths aside, going to the Public Cloud is as easy and painless as a wildebeest migration across the Serengeti.


For any enterprise, a painful migration to the public cloud is inevitable.

This calls for a massive and lengthy migration of a vast herd of users to an ‘environment’ that promises lush new pastures rich in CPU, memory beds and storage silos - the essential lifeforce of enterprise thinking.

It’s tempting for any IT boss to stay in a safe environment that’s never given them problems, even if the water hole is showing signs of dehydration. There’s still some juice in that server rack, they’ll tell themselves.

However, some herds are particularly lacking in the enterprise mentality. The Government sector and Security are both notoriously sluggish. The slowest herd of all is a breed known as the Telco, says Mark Newman, chief analyst at the TM Forum.

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