The ephemeral cloud demands timeless backup

The transitory world of cloud computing and its widespread implementation of impermanent ephemeral computing resources drives us to a point where we need Backup-as-a-Service to be an always-on resource toolset that facilitates the continuous nature of contemporary business.


Computing has become transient, temporary and short-term. The rise of cloud and the ability to connect remotely to deeper datacentre resources has led to the rise of virtualised technologies alongside abstracted compute and data structures.

In this evanescent world of essentially mutable movable IT, data and applications themselves do not always pervade in a solid definable state that conforms to any of our previous notions of information permanency.

Beyond Google Docs

Ask anyone who has ever experienced a PC crash on Microsoft Word (other word processor applications are also available) and they’ll tell you how they wish they had saved, backed-up and secured their data.

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