17 high-paying tech skills that will go higher

Despite more volatility than normal, pandemic conditions have benefitted market values for some skills more than others.


Thanks to the tumultuous events of the past year, today’s IT professionals and the people who manage them face challenges in the workplace they’ve rarely if ever seen before. As organisations recalibrate and prepare for a post-pandemic future, many are shifting their business models or creating entirely new ones. These changes have radical implications for IT talent and workforce dynamics.

One way of measuring these shifts is tracking increases or decreases in the cash pay premiums employers pay tech workers for hundreds of in-demand tech skills. Our firm has been doing this since 2000 in the quarterly-updated IT Skills and Certifications Pay IndexTM (ITSCPI), currently reporting pay for 540 certified and 613 noncertified tech skills. That’s a lot of skills, and the survey demographics behind the ITSCPI are equally impressive: 83,274 US and Canadian tech professionals in as many as 3,745 private and public sector employers who are earning dollars for some skills, typically outside of base pay, as reported to us by their employers.  

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