AWS UKI boss on elasticity, cloud and adaptivity

Darren Hardman of Amazon Web Services says the pandemic period has shown the value of elastic capacity.


Over a video call, Darren Hardman is reflecting on the surreal past year-plus.

"It's certainly been a period of a lot of headwind and tailwind scenarios," says Amazon Web Services' VP and GM for the UK and Ireland. "We're seeing this new breed of enterprise that's confident, much more agile, secure and resilient and has come out the other side with a more customer-centric approach to how they go about things."

Of course, he's right about the headwinds and tailwinds: for most, it's been a time dominated by the former but for AWS and its parent, this has been a boom time. Amazon revenues were up 44 per cent year on year for its recent Q1, fuelled by online shopping and home entertainment but also its hyperscale cloud platform, up 32 per cent year on year. In just 15 years, AWS has become a $54bn run-rate annual revenue business and its customers accelerated usage during the pandemic.

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