How ‘data lineage’ tracks data journeys down system bloodlines

A close cousin to cloud-centric observability & visibility, data lineage may be one rung lower down the technology DNA scale and closer to the heart of every enterprise organisation’s information genome.


Data travels, it’s just fact. In almost every conceivable piece of technology we touch both at the consumer and enterprise level, data moves from one part of an application device or datastore location to another in order to form the lifeblood of digital intelligence that we now depend on.

The connected nature of cloud networks has long grasped the nature of data transport. Entire sub-genres of technology have developed to perform tasks associated with Application Performance Management (APM). But as insightful and useful as APM is, its central role is to give us observability and visibility with a view to directing us towards predictive actions for the future.

Yes admittedly, parts of APM are also devoted to tracking data origin, but its core operational functionality means that any deeply granular view into data provenance is not necessarily within the purview of platforms in this space.

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