How can we make enterprise technology more people friendly?

Research shows that enterprises exert a powerful influence on the way society behaves. So how can they use their technology less Zuckerberg and more sociable?


Many animals use technology without letting it go their heads. Ants use two different pheromones of differing strength that can be varied in their application, to create a sophisticated congestion tracker that measures and reports on the paths they use. However, the power of this insect-algorithm is only used for the good of traffic management and not manipulation.

Whales use the sea’s long sound conductivity to call each other over their own global internet. But - eating aside - our aquatic mammalian cousins don’t use their intelligence to ruin life for other species. Whales don’t create content for their broadband network in order to bait other sea life into giving up their locations. They don’t inform sharks that “baby sea lions are swimming in your area”. There is no equivalent ‘fishbook’ that pretends to be social but actually gains from conflict, over consumption and damaging the mental health of marine society.

Birds have navigation systems. When Winston Churchill asked pigeons to help with the war effort by smuggling secrets from behind enemy lines, none of them tutted and told him to read the effing manual.

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