EMEA CEO: Tableau set to benefit from board's data focus

Two years into its life as part of Salesforce, Tableau is expanding across Europe.


Back in the mid-2000s, two companies burst into the analytics space and quickly became the darlings of data for CIOs and CTOs - those two companies, Tableau and Qlik. In recent years I have had the feeling that they have lost that early lustre. Tableau is now part of the Salesforce empire, and its EMEA GM and SVP Dan Pell took some time out of expanding the business across Europe to describe Tableau as part of Marc Benioff's family of cloud tech businesses and the data landscape as they see it. 

In late May, Salesforce released its results for the first fiscal quarter 2022, which showed first quarter revenue of $5.96 Billion, up 23% Year-Over-Year. "Tableau delivered $394 million in revenue, which was a 38% increase from a year prior. Some of that was the Salesforce effect, but growing underneath that was this massive engine," Pell says of the strong performance by Tableau. Across the EMEA region that Pell is responsible for, growth is high on the agenda. "We are growing our talent by 20% a year," he says, adding that in EMEA, Tableau is recruiting and seeing opportunities in Spain, Italy, Israel, Switzerland, the Nordics and Netherlands. Traditional markets such as Germany, France and the UK remain healthy too, he says.

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