Much-travelled GBG CIO takes on a new identity

Mark Mamone has a long CV and now spreads himself across product development, security and internal systems at UK identity verification giant GBG.


“If I have a computer then the world is my oyster,” Mark Mamone recalls his childhood self-thinking. More than 30 years later he retains an infectious enthusiasm for the digital realm and recently took on the role of group CIO at GBG, a leading developer of identity verification and fraud prevention solutions that has a market cap of over £1.6bn ($2.2bn).

Even by the standards of IT, his career has been remarkably diverse. It has seen him getting down and dirty with cables and terminators, building computers, programming and working at small accounting business in Peterborough, England to massive infrastructure projects at some of the world’s largest organisations.

Mamone has a BSC in Computing from study towards the end of the 1990s but he says he is proof that “you don’t need to go through a structured education programme to be a professional in the world of technology”. Instead, “passion and aptitude” can take you a long way. Experience too…

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