Mind the gap between leaders’ perceptions and employees’ realities in tech

A report highlights a chasm between executive and minority views on diversity.


Diversity and inclusion should be of interest to all of us by now. By introducing a range of personalities, viewpoints, cultures and experiences to our organisations we benefit from the avoidance of groupthink and dependency on a dominant perspective. But a new survey suggests that there’s a vast difference in perspectives of leaders and tech employees from minority backgrounds.

First the good news. The poll, conducted by IT services giant Capgemini, found that organisations with “advanced inclusive practices” are four times more likely to create inclusive products. And here’s the bad news: just 22 per cent of women and ethnic minority staff in tech teams feel included in the organisation and duly respected.

The survey was based on a quantitative survey of 1,000 respondents, evenly split between leaders and tech employees at 500 companies with the overall aim being to analyse the views of leaders against the experiences of women and persons of ethnic minority communities. This was backed up by 32 interviews and another poll of 5,000 consumers.

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