HYCU seeks to give backup a new simplicity

Boston-based HYCU wants to make enterprise data recovery iPhone-style ease of use.


As its punning name suggests, HYCU (pronounced ‘Haiku’ and an acronym of Hybrid Cloud Uptime) is a startup aiming to apply concise elegance to the world of data backup and recovery for the multi-cloud world. The Boston-based firm, founded in 2018, recently gained attention when Bain Capital led an $87.5 Series A funding round in a move that also brought former Symantec CEO Enrique Salem onto its board. I spoke to Salem and HYCU CEO Simon Taylor by video call recently to discuss the firm’s progress.

The metrics of HYCU make for positive reading: over 2,000 customers across more than 70 countries, offices in the US, France, Australia and Slovenia, and an NPS approval score of 91. Like many enterprise IT peers, HYCU is on a mission to demystify and learn valuable lessons from the consumer world.

“It’s a drive to simplicity and consumerising it so anyone can save their data with iPhone simplicity,” says Taylor, adding that he never understood why “everybody knows how to back up this thing” [raising a smartphone] but the average business data backup consoles has typically required “droves of people to manage it” and has looked like the “cockpit of a fighter jet”.

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