Crack, lack & slack: Three fragilities in the cloud pipeline

The rise of cloud-native DevOps functions along with the popularisation of Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) and Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) does not necessarily make a perfect cloud, the flow is strengthening… but there are still plenty of cracks in the pipeline.


Cloud promises a lot. Much of what the usual suspect big behemoth cloud platform companies offer is as real, achievable, flexible and as powerful and expansive as cloud computing’s central raison d’être and technology proposition has always promised.

But not everything the cloud evangelists, futurists and advocates tell us always comes to pass in quite the picture-perfect ‘serving suggestion’ way it is supposed to. Over and above the more basic implementation snags, nuances and incompatibilities associated with any given cloud project, there are some wider gaps in terms of what is practically achievable in many cases.

Could these implementation gaps represent cloud computing’s three biggest lies?

Do go back to Rockville

Rockville, Maryland-based CloudBolt Software thinks it can point to where some of these shortfalls exist. The company is an enterprise cloud management services provider that seeks to give its customers workable and efficient cloud orchestration systems that run with self-service, security and automation acceleration.

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