APAC 2022: setting the stage for opportunity and competition with the West

The pandemic accelerated digitalisation around the world, but particularly in APAC. As new tech hubs emerge across the region, what will 2022 bring for tech in APAC?

Nate Hovee / Shutterstock.com | IDG

APAC is a region of unparalleled diversity on the planet. That means many countries have had different experiences of the pandemic. But one thing they have in common is an impressive push to digital and cloud technologies. New regions are emerging as low-cost outsourcing hubs as local organisations double down on education and internet infrastructure. And the shadow of China continues to loom large—as a standard-setter and early adopter, but also a major rival.

How well western organisations navigate these challenges and opportunities in APAC may define their global success over the coming year.

Leap-frogging the West on digital and cloud

COVID-19 had a stunning impact on digitalisation across the globe, as consumers flooded online and governments and brands scrambled to offer new online services and experiences to engage them. But in South East Asia the trend was particularly acute. Since the beginning of the pandemic, 70 million individuals became digital consumers, according to Facebook. IDC predicts that at least two-thirds (65%) of APAC’s GDP will be fully digitalised by 2022. By the year after, a third of companies will generate more than 30% of their revenues from digital products and services, it adds.

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