AWS opens business analytics to serverless scope & simplicity

A new world of more flexible data analytics is achievable by using cloud-based serverless provisioning, management and delivery claims Amazon Web Services (AWS) – the company now offers the scope and promised simplicity that comes with serverless IT, engineered specifically for analytics.


There’s an old joke that information engineering managers and CIOs will be telling each other in about 2030. It’s the one about the data team that wanted to build an IT stack to support a business analytics function. They knew they needed xyz exact amount of compute, analytics and storage capacity, so they went out and bought a shiny new server with blinking lights and everything… and got working.

We can laugh about it now (get your head into 2030, remember?) with hindsight, because that’s the way things used to be done.

Cloud shifted the flexibility baseline

Looking back to the start of the decade, IT teams were often more stoic about their server provisioning purchases; they would ‘make it fit’ and do the jobs at hand with the resources that the procurement department had signed off.

If this fictional reality tells a story, it is one of continuous dynamic change, the sort that we have all heard about in the wake of the post-lockdown pandemic period that we still find ourselves in at the end of 2021.

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