2022: A bluffers’ guide to what may happen in technology

It’s easy to predict the future at a time of flux in technology, geopolitics, climate crisis. It’s just that you’re likely to be wrong.

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Well, thanks for coming along to this Teams party. You’ll find drinks in the fridge if you bought some, maybe some crackers in the cupboard and, if you tell your kids to leave off Alexa/the Xbox/Spotify, you may even hear what I’m about to say…

It’s been the worst year since… ooh, 2020. Let’s face it, this was the year we were supposed to bounce back but we got the dead cat version of the bounce and maybe soon we won’t even have that. At least the bars are still open for the multi-vaxxed among us.

The funny (read: not funny) thing about 2020 was that tech firms showed they had hides of Teflon, continuing to roll in cash without even stepping into the daylight and meeting customers. ICT is the opposite of aviation where the old joke goes that if the Wright brothers had realised how hard it is to make money, they would have taken a bus rather than flown a plane. The ker-ching keeps on chinging, it seems.

But what of next year, because things can’t get any worse. Can they?

Transformation everywhere

Change is tough but reporting to the bankruptcy courts is no bed of roses either. If you’re working for a company that’s not believing in digital transformation, quit now. Don’t even get your hat from the peg or switch off your PC. Run!

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