From growing ransomware threats to improving D&I: Our global highlights from 2021

A run through of some of our best stories from 2021.

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It’s seemed like we shared our 2020 highlights just yesterday, but it’s that time of year again, where we look back at some of the major events in the tech industry.

2021 has been the year of settling into a new kind of normal, with organisations and businesses becoming comfortable with a hybrid working world and notably having more conversations around the employee experience, from remote working and staff burnout to diversity and inclusion.

In a broader look at the industry, there’s been greater focus on adapting to a new digital economy and accelerating the benefits of AI/ML technologies. However, industries across the globe have faced significant challenges with the growing ransomware and malware threats.

Here are some of our highlights from 2021:

The must-have conversations about D&I

Neurodiversity and tech: a win-win equation

Tech's gender imbalance: Is progress being made?

Can technology help recruit a diverse and inclusive workforce?

Coders push back against offensive terminology

The evolution of women in tech

Understanding the evolving security landscape

What will be the single biggest security threat of 2021?

Nation state cybercrime is a bigger threat than you might think

The rise of ransomware 2.0

What can we learn about security from the crime scene?

The risks of open banking

AI is here to stay  

Global AI Action Alliance aims to accelerate adoption of ethical AI

What if the weapons of AI were turned on itself?

New leaders emerge as AI comes of age

AI faces its biggest ‘decision’ yet

From Talos to Turing: The History of AI

Some interesting conversations within the tech sphere

The connection between digitalisation and sustainability

The agritech revolution

Is there a mental health pandemic in IT?

Streaming gives opera a new stage

Live facial recognition technology – friend or foe?

Debunking the 20% innovation time enigma

The digital challenge for Procurement - is almost identical to that faced by CIOs

Facebook, Google and the Seven Eyes: implications for privacy

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