Employers: workplace training must move with the times or risk losing staff

How immersive technologies can help to upskill and retain staff in the midst of a talent and recruitment crisis.


Traditional workplace training isn’t fit for purpose – this is the finding of several surveys looking at employee and HR attitudes towards training and upskilling.

In CoachHub’s Global HR survey 73% of business leaders said employees don’t feel they receive enough training and development, which shows that people simply aren’t getting enough out of traditional training methods.

These feelings were mirrored in Immerse’s ‘Upskill Ultimatium’ report, which found that almost half (49%) of HR professionals questioned believe today’s training deployment is not fit for purpose in the current hybrid working environment. Furthermore, two thirds think that organisations that fail to employ cutting-edge training technologies will struggle to attract and retain talent.

In the same report, 48% of employees said they’d move companies if they weren’t receiving the level of training they need, also noting that they hadn’t learnt anything new through workplace training in the last 12 months.

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