The evolution of the enterprise app store marketplace

The rise of enterprise application ‘app stores’ is further finessed by the development of micro-vertical services - but will offering customers a more ‘curated showcase of solutions’ enable them to actually buy smarter and work better?


Enterprise software vendors are often criticised over the complexity of their platforms. Not from a technical and operational point of view per se (although that does often happen too), but more directly from a procurement and purchasing perspective. With so many deployment options available across a wide range of platform services, customers are often left perplexed as they end up buying too little or too much.

Arguably among the biggest offenders in this space are the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) vendors. Their platform complexity arises as a combined result of their own internal services development, which may span over decades - and as a result of acquired technologies, which will have been integrated and ‘productised’ into the mother platform with varying degrees of success.

The solution rebrand

The solution these enterprise software vendors often opt for comes down to a process of packaging and simplification. They attempt to group together a combination of best practice software function elements into industry solutions, often reflecting the use cases of other customers who have had success.

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