Network detection and response (NDR): Which solution is best?

Peerspot users review the highest reviewed solutions in the network detection and response (NDR) market.



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Cybercriminals have become increasingly dangerous in recent years as the methods they use to compromise business systems continue to evolve. For enterprise, this means doubling down on the right security measures, and many businesses are now turning to modern network detection and response (NDR) solutions and the protection they can offer.

Over 540,000 professionals have used Peerspot research to inform their purchasing decisions. Its latest paper looks at the highest rated NDR vendors, profiling each and examining what they can offer enterprise.

Here’s a breakdown of the key players currently active in the market:

Awake Security Platform

Average Rating: 8.9

Top Comparison: Darktrace

Overview: The only advanced network traffic analysis company that delivers a privacy-aware solution capable of detecting and visualising behavioural, mal-intent and compliance incidents with full forensics context.

Blue Hexagon

Average Rating: 8.0

Top Comparison: ExtraHop Reveal(x)

Overview: Delivers the world’s highest detection efficacy for zero-day and known threats, and real time orchestration and blocking controls, to protect enterprise networks, cloud, and email.

Cisco Stealthwatch

Average Rating: 8.3

Top Comparison: Darktrace

Overview: Provides visibility across the network, data centre, branch offices, and cloud. Its advanced security analytics uncovers stealthy attacks on the extended network.


Average Rating: 8.1

Top Comparison: Cisco Stealthwatch

Overview: A leading autonomous cyber security AI company and the creator of Autonomous Response technology. It provides enterprise-wide cyber defence to over 4,700 organisations.

ExtraHop Reveal(x)

Average Rating: 9.0

Top Comparison: Darktrace

Overview: Automatically discovers and classifies every device communicating across the network and uses machine-learning driven behavioural analysis to detect anomalous and malicious activity.

RSA NetWitness Network

Average Rating:  7.3

Top Comparison: ExtraHop Reveal(x)

Overview: With unparalleled speed for real-time behaviour analytics, RSA patented technology accelerates detection and investigation of threats as they traverse enterprise networks.

Vectra AI

Average Rating: 9.0

Top Comparison: Darktrace

Overview: Accelerates threat detection and investigation using artificial intelligence to collect, store and enrich network metadata with the right context to detect, hunt and investigate known and unknown threats in real time.

Other solutions compared in the report include:

IronNet IronDefense

Flowmon Anomaly Detection System

Lastline Defender

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