Security and tech pros are finding ways to help people in Ukraine

The global tech industry is doing lots to help Ukraine, from evacuating employees to hackathons aiding the country's "IT Army" volunteers.


As war grips Ukraine, the world is scrambling to find ways to help. While governments impose sanctions, ordinary people are flooding donations to organisations on the ground and we have seen a tech element to this as well.

Ukraine is a hotbed for technical talent and IT outsourcing. Household names like Revolut have teams in the country while native companies like SoftServe are major cogs in the country’s outsourcing industry.

Many of those employees have left the country to seek safety in neighbouring countries like Poland.

For those left behind, much remains uncertain. Accessing secure communications and reliable information are just two of the many concerns.

Bitdefender, the Romanian cybersecurity firm, recently announced a new initiative with Romania’s National Cyber Security Directorate (DNSC) to provide cybersecurity consulting and threat intelligence for free to people, businesses and government bodies in Ukraine. This is also being extended to others in EU and NATO countries for one year.

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