Netcompany CEO invests in talent and shared customer risk

Chief executive and founder of Netcompany, André Rogaczewski, says it's time to share the digital transformation risk.


"We don't sell resources. We sell very complex projects that require the customer to make some severe decisions," says André Rogaczewski, chief executive and founder of Netcompany. In 2021 the firm reported revenue growth of 27.9%. Like the heathers and grasses that line the weather-beaten Danish coastline, Netcompany's results demonstrate a technology business that grows strongly in the face of challenging conditions. Those challenges are not so much the market condition, we live in an age of demand for digital change, but the scope of project Netcompany takes on. 

Rogaczewski explains to IDG Connect that a deep belief in technology, technologists, sharing risk, and facing big challenges enable the Copenhagen headquartered firm to invest and grow.

Netcompany gained notice during the pandemic for its successful deployment of Covid-19 passport apps in Denmark and Scotland, whilst other vendors and nations struggled.

The rate of pandemic led digitisation, and now the major investment programmes in Europe will require vendors, enterprises and governments to tackle big structural problems with technology and to share the risk. "We are telling organisations and government departments that the animal in the basement has to be killed and that you need to put in new systems, which will cost €30million," he says. Rogaczewski doesn't skirt from the scale of the challenge, but he firmly believes that the technologies and processes that have dominated organisations for the last two to three decades cannot be adapted to deal with issues such as ageing demographics, climate change and the possibility of another pandemic.

Rogaczewski says the vendor and the customer must share the risk to deliver large-scale change. "You don't change anything unless you take a chance," he says. "Organisations must own their own technology resources and destiny. Technology is the internal organs of an organisation," he says. To enable risk-sharing, Netcompany has developed IP sharing and customer ownership models.

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