How would you reconfigure the TechSector machine?

Imagine if the IT industry was containerised into a smart device and you had to change the default male pale ‘herdware' settings. What values would you change to convert it to Egalitarian Settings?


It’s ironic that IT industry evangelists are constantly threatening to ‘disrupt’ other sectors and lecturing them on their lack of agility, perception and communications skills.

Isn’t that a bit arrogant and hypocritical? The tech sector doesn’t use ‘the cloud’ of its human talents very sensitively or skilfully at all. Is there anything more patronising than a technology evange-splainer?

Imagine all the human resources of talent comprise a hybrid cloud of talents. The lived experience and intellectual power of each person is unique. The more of these quintessential processing units (QPUs) you can aggregate into your humanity cloud, the more powerful and omniscient it becomes.

But we don’t. Somehow we firewall off all the ‘thought processes’ from any human with XX chromosomes. That’s half the available talent in the cloud! Ethnic minorities don’t seem to be on the Access Control list either, so the databases of lived experience and intelligence of the BAME (black and minority ethnic) population are wasted too. Which renders whole vistas of the IT industry’s applications and research pointless because it often asks the wrong questions, makes the wrong assumptions, and addresses the wrong situation.

Clearly the IT industry has default factory settings that need to be re-configured to make the best use of its talent and perhaps even enable the elusive quality of happiness.

So, we asked some experts on this topic: if the IT industry was a system, how would you change the settings?

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